Bluetooth For Motorcycle Helmets

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Riding your vintage motorcycle, talking on the phone and listening to music is now easier than ever before! Our new comprehensive Bluetooth communication system for motorcycle helmets comes with everything you need to get started 

This kit is easy to install and its "universal" which means you can adapt it to most motorcycle helmets. Perfect for our Daytona 3/4 motorcycle helmets that we sell here on the site or your favorite brand of 3/4 or full face helmet...

Slim & sleek modern design that is also waterproof for all riding and weather conditions

Comes with the following...

  1. Bluetooth device 
  2. Microphone & headset 
  3. Velcro clamp
  4. Hook & loop fasteners  
  5. Clamp
  6. Headphone Velcro
  7. USB cable 
  8. Screw driver 
  9. Manual