BSA WM2 X 19 Chrome Front Rim (1) - 68-5556 - Pre-1969 - A7 / A10 / B31 / A50 / A65

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Stripping chrome and replating chrome is expensive and its hard to find folks these days who can do it right. Luckily the crew over at Central Wheel Company (CWC) in England are making new and affordable quality rim chrome rims for purchase through CBS.

Our new BSA CWC rims come drilled, dimpled and pierced to replace original Dunlop or Jones rims that where used back in the day. This specific BSA rim is a WM2 X 19 made to replace BSA part numbers 68-5556 & 67-5543.

This rim is only correct for the following models and years that feature an 8" (inner diameter) cast-iron half-width hub with the proper threaded spindle... BSA A65 models up to 1967, BSA A50 models up to 1968, BSA A7, A10, B31, B33, etc to approx 1962. Check your parts book to ensure the best fitment.


Click here to purchases a new spoke set to be used in conjunction with this rim.


Please note that this rim is sold each - will not work with 190mm hubs, small 7" cast-iron hubs or any "full width" hub...


  • Made in England by CWC
  • OEM part number is 68-5556 & 67-5543
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