Triumph Crankshaft Feed / Points Seal - Choose Seal Type

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When replacing your oil seals in you vintage Triumph twin it is vital that you select the proper seal for your application. Just because a seal uses the same part number does not  necessarily mean the seal is the same.

This listing is for the seals to replace your points seal and also crankshaft oil feed seal. All seals are sold separately and individually and you must choose which seal you desire using the drop down menu based off of your application.

Seals will fit most Triumph unit 650 and 750 twins including the (Bonneville, T120R, Tiger, Daytona, etc). Seals may also fit various BSA applications as well.

70-4568 - Points Seal (Taiwan)

This particular Taiwan seal is rated very low and should only be used for the points seal on a vintage Triumph twin. We do not recommend using the Taiwan seal as the crankshaft seal despite it having the same part number  - it could cause low oil pressure.

70-4568 - Crankshaft Seal (USA)

The USA made seals we stock are the best quality seals to be used as a crankshaft feed seal and also as a points seal. Seals (just like original) are rated up to 100+ pounds to withstand oil pressure.

70-6387 - Crankshaft Seal (-.020")

If your oil feed spigot on your crank end shows signs of wear (grooving) it is wise to use an undersized seal. The 70-6387 seal features a smaller inner diameter (-.020) to make up the wear on your crankshaft end spigot. To be clear this part is the same as 70-4568 but with a smaller inner diameter.
  • Replaces part number 70-4568, E4568, E6387 and 70-6387