Universal Headlight Visors (1) - EMGO - Choose Sizes From 5 3/4" - 7"

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Turn your modern or vintage motorcycle into a true Cafe Racer by installing our new headlight visors by EMGO. Headlight visors (also know as "peaks") where popular among the Cafe Racer community in England during the 1960's and 1970's. Now you can have the same look and feel as the Mods and Rockers did...


EMGO headlight visors / peaks come in (2) types of variations - 5 3/4" and 7" with a chrome plating. To figure out which visor you need you must first understand which size headlight you have.

Visors are very easy to install. Remove your headlight rim and slip this in place and put your rim back on the shell. That easy! Use this visor on vintage and modern motorcycles as well as cars and scooters!


Use the drop down menu to select which size EMGO headlight visor you desire 

  • Made in Taiwan by EMGO
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