Triumph Replacement Gas Tank Petcocks (1) 83-2800 / 83-2801 - Choose Petcock Type / Manufacture

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In this single listing you will find Triumph replacement (including BSA & Triumph) replacement petcocks. We stock main and reserve petcocks from the EMGO brand, BAP and our "UK" made brand. All petcocks for sale here measure 1/4" x 1/4" BSPP, or in American terms, the outer diameter of the threads are approx .518" with a 19 thread pitch (straight threads)

Both EMGO, BAP and "UK" petcocks have all internal metal parts... no rubber! This ensures a better seal and a lasting longer part. "UK" petcocks and BAP are a premium unit while the EMGO units are more affordable, however both work great.. Every petcock for sale features removable filters

These petcocks are the "most popular" petcocks as found on many Triumph's (TR6, TR25W, T120R, T140, T160, etc) as well as some BSA and Norton models. Can be used on "universal" applications should your tank accept the same specs petcock. The best was to figure out what petcock you need is by checking your parts book, measuring your gas tank threads or emailing us...

Please use the drop down menu to select which petcock you desire - all petcocks are sold EACH as pictured 

  • Made in Taiwan / England
  • OEM part number is 60-4511, 60-4512, D4511, D4512, 60-7266, 60-7267, D7266, D7267, 83-2800, 83-2801, 82-4971, 82-4972, F4971 or F4972
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