BSA / Triumph Side Cover Oddie Studs (1) - Choose Stud Length / Finish

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Whether you own a vintage BSA A65 or a Triumph TR25W Trophy, oddie studs are almost always missing! Funny thing is they are just as hard to obtain then finding a bike with them... Today we are providing you with a single listing that showcases all the oddie studs that you need that where fitted on late model BSA and Triumph models.

All oddies studs are made in England - guaranteed. Oddie studs are perfect for fastening that tool box cover or side cover on your frame as fitted to some of the following models: A50, A65, C25, B25, B44, TR25W and many others. 

Although oddie studs are all pretty much the same (other than length) we have superseded all part numbers for each oddie stud as we want you to concentrate more on the length that you need for your application rather then a specific part number.


Use the drop down menu to select which oddie stud you desire - oddie studs are sold individually

  • Made in England
  • OEM part number is 68-9224, 68-9287, 68-0982, 60-1006, 68-9223 and 60-3159
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