Triumph 500 / 650 “High-Level” Exhaust Pipes - T100C / TR6C - Choose Year / Model & Application

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Finding a good set of usable original Triumph high-level exhaust pipes are getting harder and harder to obtain. Often times you might see an original set come up on eBay but chances are they are either rusted, pitted or covered in so many dings and dents it’s not even worth it to purchase them!

Today we are offering a few sets of new high-pipe headers for the Triumph T100C, T100SC, TR6C, TR6SC & T120C models. Our high-pipes are suited for 650 model up to 1970 and 500 models up to 1974 prior to the "oil in frame" models. Each set of header exhausts pipes are made and imported from England.. which make our exhaust pipes OEM quality with a superior chrome plated finish. 

 If your restoring your vintage Triumph 500 or 650 it is vital to have the correct set of header pipes for your year and model. Check your parts book to ensure the best fitment.

Click here to purchase the associated hardware and brackets for high-level Triumph exhaust pipes 

Please note that high-level exhaust pipes are sold in sets as shown in the photos. Use the drop down menu to select the header pipes you desire based off part number and model year - no hardware of any type is included with an exhaust pipe purchase 

  • Made in England
  • OEM part number is 70-7024, 70-7026, E7024, E7026, 71-0022, 71-0024, E10022, E10024, 71-0017, 71-0019, E10017, E10019, 70-4513, E4513, 70-4514 & E4514
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