Universal Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe Baffles (1) - Choose Baffle Size

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Want to run straight header pipes but your concerned about the all the racket you might cause in the neighborhood? Install a new EMGO exhaust pipe baffle and things will be more calm! Our baffles will make your motorcycle quieter but not to the point where it sounds like an electric bike...

To install these baffles its very easy. You can do this while the pipes are on the bike if you desire. Get a 1/4" drill bit, dill the end of your pipe going through one side, doing so will allow the baffle to lock into place with the bolt that is provided. Once drilled, push the baffle in then use the bolt and nut to secure it with the new hole you drilled. That's it!

If you have an existing baffle you must remove if before you install our new EMGO baffles. You can also choose to wrap the baffle with fiberglass wrap of you choose to.

EMGO baffles will fit a wide range of universal / motorcycle applications from Triumph, BSA, Norton Honda, Yamaha and more. Great for choppers, bobbers, cafe racers and more.


Exhaust pipe baffles are sold individually - use the drop down menu to select which size pipe baffle you desire

  • Made in Taiwan
  • OEM part number is 80-78934 and 80-78943
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