Triumph Twins Camshaft Bushing Line Reamer Kits By CBS - Choose Kit Type / Application

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Replacing camshaft bushings on a vintage Triumph twin is a very simple task to achieve. However, making sure your cam bushings are inline after you install them is an animal of a different color

Whether you install a new crank bushing or camshaft bushings, you have to make sure your bushings are inline prior to installing your camshafts

Failing to do so could cause premature engine wear or worse yet.. engine failure that could / can be avoided 

CBS Camshaft Bushing Reamer & Pilot Kits

Our complete camshaft bushing kits where specifically made and designed for us here at CBS with you, the builder in mind

Offering a quality tool kit that will help you ream your camshaft bushings is now available at an affordable price  

All kits come included with a ground and finished 13/16" reamer, steel pilots made from 12L14 steel (+/.0005" I.D.) then sized here at CBS using a Sunnen MBB-1600 hone to fit each reamer and shaft along with a chrome 7/8" ball bearing (for pre-unit & 650 / 750 unit applications)


Ready to size your camshaft bushings?

Selecting your camshaft reamer, pilot and bearing size is now made accurate and easy

In this listing we stock all the parts in a kit form that will help you size your Triumph cam shaft bushings

Use the drop down menu and the chart below to help you choose which kit you need

Kits & applications

 Application Parts Included In Kit Kit # To Order
Triumph 350 / 500 unit twins (1957-1974) 13/16" Reamer & Pilot #1
Triumph 650 / 750 unit twins (1963-1983) 13/16" Reamer, Pilot & 7/8" Chrome Bearing #2
Triumph 500 Pre-Unit Twins (1950-1956) 13/16" Reamer, Pilot & 7/8" Chrome Bearing #2
Triumph 650 Pre-unit Twins (1950-1962) 13/16" Reamer, Pilot & 7/8" Chrome Bearing #2

*Please note that our 350 / 500 kit can be used to sized oilite (sintered) and our solid SAE 841 bronze camshaft bushings. Our 500 pre-unit, 650 & 750 unit kit must be used to size oilite (sintered) bronze bushings only



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