Triumph High Gear Sprocket Nut Spanner Tools (1) - Choose Tool Application

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Need to remove or install your high gear / sprocket nut but don't have a deep enough or correct size socket? Well now you can have the correct size spanner tool by purchasing from our selection today. We currently stock 2 types of spanner tools.


1 is suited for 1 5/8" sprocket nuts while the other is suited for 1 7/8" sprocket nuts. These are very high quality tools just like the original types that Triumph use to offer back in the day. Fits Triumph 650 4-speed models and and Triumph 5-speed models. Check your parts book to ensure the best fitment.

Use the drop down menu to select which tool you desire based off your application.

  • Made in England
  • OEM part number is 61-6125 and 61-6061
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