WEBCO Type Desert Scrambler Air Filter Assembly (1)

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Triumph desert scramblers back in the 1950's through the 1960's dominated the SoCal race tracks. Not only did Triumph dominate most tracks, but most Triumph 500 and 650 twins dominated all across the USA.

Today CBS parts wants to provide you with a piece of history dating back to the 50's and 60's when Triumph desert sled parts where easier to obtain.. Our new WEBCO type air filter assembly is just the part you need to make your very own desert scrambler or tribute bike..

Our new filters are an exact copy of the popular "universal" WEBCO desert air filter. Filter comes complete with a powder coasted finish, paper air filter (Harley type), and air filter cover. Can be mounted on most Triumph motorcycles including unit and pre-unit models.

Since this filter is "universal" you can adapt it to most Triumph, BSA and Norton single carb models, however you will have to fabricate your own brackets as this air box assembly does come with 2 bungs for mounting.


Comes included with the following: 

  • Air filter cover
  • Powder-coated gloss black finish 
  • Harley style paper air filter
  • 2 threaded bung holes for mounting
  • 90 degree design for single carb models


Please note that this air filter assembly is sold with everything as pictured - no additional parts or hardware is included 


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