99-0351 (EMGO) Throttle Assembly "Restoration Kit" By CBS - (1 PAIR)

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The 99-0351 "dual" throttle assembly that is manufactured by EMGO is a very accurate reproduction, however there is one detail that does not make the throttle assembly "correct" from a restoration point of view  

The detail that stick out like a sore thumb is the incorrect top Allen head screws that clamp the two halves together. All other details on the EMGO throttle assembly are spot-on and look identical to the original Amal units...

Today, we would like to offer you a kit that will turn your EMGO dual throttle assembly into a "period correct" part - each kit we are offering comes with (2) cheese-head screws that accepts a "flat head" screw-driver. After machining in house, each screw is then Cadmium plated to retain originality..

To be clear, this kit will only work with the EMGO brand throttle assembly that we sell under the 99-0351 number (44-29474) - the threads are metric and will not be compatible with any original throttle assembly 

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Please note that this set is only for the "hardware" - throttle assembly is NOT included 

  • Made in the USA
  • Works with EMGO 99-0351 throttle assembly (44-29474)
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