14 Strand PVC Wire - 18 Gauge - (1') - Choose Wire Color

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Whether your making a complete wiring harness from scratch or your fixing your old Lucas wiring harness we would like to introduce to you our new range of Lucas replacement wiring

Each wire is made in England to replace the original Lucas wiring as found on most vintage British motorcycles. The wires that we are offering feature the correct" style which have the vertical tracers (very hard to obtain) - sold in 1' foot sections.

Wire comes in all colors and styles to suit most vintage British motorcycle applications. Outer casing is made from PVC with a copper core inner wire - 18 gauge / 14 strand wire.

Suited for most general applications rated @8amps such as the tail light, head light, horn buttons, dipper switch, coils, contact breakers, and other applications - not suited for diodes or stators or other applications that draw more amps.

1 quantity you will receive 1' feet of continuous wire. Use the drop down menu to select which color wire you desire. 

  • Made in England
  • Solid copper core
  • Rated (approx) @8 amps
  • 18 gauge wire - 14 strand AWG