Triumph BSA Twins Sludge Trap Plug Screw Hex 71-2800H 68-0184 T120 TR6 A65 6T

  • $ 11.95

Brand New English Made Triumph & BSA Twins Crankshaft "Hex" Sludge Trap Plug Screw. When it comes to rebuilding Engines this part is a must have! Makes life easier down the road when you have to perform another rebuild! "Buggered Up" Sludge Trap Screws are now a thing in the past! Plug has a thread pitch of 20 TPI. Fits all Triumph 650 & 750 Unit Twins (Bonneville, T120, T140, Tiger, TR6, TR7, TSS, TSX, T120C, Etc) from 1963-1983. Fits Triumph Pre-Unit 650 Twins with the "One Piece Crank" from 1960-1962. Also fits BSA Unit Twins (Lightning, Thunderbolt, Royal Star, Cyclone, Hornet, Wasp, Firebird, Rocket & Spitfire) from 1966-1972. Please refer to your parts catalog and check your thread pitch for proper fitment.
*****Please note that this plug is not compatible with Triumph Unit 350 & 500 Twins! Also not compatible with Early BSA Unit Twin Crankshafts from 1962-1965 as the thread pitch is different!*****
•Made in the UK
•O.E.M Part number is 71-2800, 70-3905, E12800, 68-0184 or E13905