BSA Pre-Unit High Delivery Oil Pumps (1) - B31 / A7 / A10 / Etc - Choose From SRM / Hepolite Brand

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Finally us BSA pre-unit singles and twin owners have a choice of 2 new high delivery oil pumps to choose from. SRM which is CNC machined from billet alloy and Hepolite (England) which is CNC machined from cast iron. Both are wonderful upgrades from any original BSA oil pump.

When installing a new high delivery, either SRM or Hepolite you are ensuring that your engine will be getting the maximum oil flow and oil pressure to all the critical parts of your engine, such as the plain bearing, rod bearings, etc. Oil pumps can also solve wet sumping issues


We stock oil pumps to fit all BSA A7 & A10 models (Goldenflash, Road Rocket, Rocket Goldstar, Shooting Star, etc) from 1950-1963 as well as C, B & M models from the M20, B31, B33, B34, and others... Check your parts book to ensure that this pump will work for your application.




SRM Oil Pump Specifications

  • CNC from dural alloy
  • Includes mounting / additional hardware
  • Blue anodized coating
  • Close machined tolerances
  • SRM tested
  • Made in England


Hepolite (England) Oil Pump Specifications


    • CNC from cast iron
    • Close machined tolerances
    • Hardware not included
    • Hepolite tested
    • Made in England


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      • Made in England
      • OEM part number is 65-2619, 65-2589, 42-0115 & 67-1402
      • Free shipping in the USA