Triumph / BSA Twins "Slotted" Sludge Trap Plug Screw (1) - T120 / TR6 / T140 / A65

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Brand New English Made Triumph Pre-Unit & Unit Twins Crankshaft Slotted Sludge Trap Plug Screw. If your an absolute Purist and insist on using O.E.M. parts then this original style "Slotted" Sludge Trap Screw is exactly for you! These "Slotted" Screws are almost always buggered up so start fresh! Simply install and away you go! Plug has a thread pitch of 20 TPI. Fits all Triumph 650 & 750 Unit Twins (Bonneville, T120, T140, Tiger, TR6, TR7, TSS, TSX, T120C, Etc) from 1963-1983. Fits Triumph Pre-Unit 650 Twins with the "One Piece Crank" from 1960-1962. Also fits BSA Unit Twins (Lightning, Thunderbolt, Royal Star, Cyclone, Hornet, Wasp, Firebird, Rocket & Spitfire) from 1966-1972. Please refer to your parts catalog and check your thread pitch for proper fitment.

*****Please note that this plug is not compatible with Triumph Unit 350 & 500 Twins! Also not compatible with Early BSA Unit Twin Crankshafts from 1962-1965 as the thread pitch is different!*****

•Made in the UK
•O.E.M Part number is 71-2800, 70-3905, E12800, 68-0184 or E13905