RHP Ball Bearing 37-2363 BSA B50MX

BSA Triumph Outer Crankshaft Ball Bearing 37-2363 1972-73 B50MX TR5MX RHP

  • $ 79.95

New BSA B50 Left Side Outer Crankshaft Ball Bearing. It is very important when rebuilding your engine you use high quality brand name bearings. There is no room for error! This bearing is made in England by the O.E.M manufacture RHP that made most bearings equipped on British motorcycles. Fits BSA B50 & the Triumph TR5MX models from 1972-1973 that require an "outer" crankshaft bearing. Bearing will also fit many other applications. Please refer to your parts catalog for proper fitment.

*****Always check your parts book tor ensure the best fitment.*****

•Made by RHP
•O.E.M Part number is
37-2363, 37-2298, 65-5883 or LJ7/8