Triumph Twins Mushroom Tappet Adjusters 70-3223 350 500 3TA 5TA T90 T100 1958-74

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New! USA Made Triumph CEI Twins Tappet Adjuster Set. Want to extend your valve train life considerably? Well, these new tappet adjusters will do exactly that! Machined and hardened to Rockwell 58-60 right here in the USA! Whats the difference from the "Mushroom" and the stock type tappet adjusters? The "Mushroom" head design limits valve tip wear due to its spherical shape and pushes on the valve tip much smoothly. The original type uses a flat surface which will cause premature valve tip damage! Tappet adjusters measure 1/4" with a thread pitch of 26 (CEI) which mean you can use your original tappet nuts! Fits all Triumph 350 & 500 (3TA, 5TA, T90, T100, T100R, T100A, T100C & T100SC) models from 1958-1974. Please refer to your parts catalog for proper fitment.

*****Please note that this set is not compatible with Triumph 650 & 750 Twins as they use a different adjuster!*****
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•Made in the USA
•O.E.M Part number is 70-3223