Tri-Spark Classic Triples Ignition - Triumph / BSA

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Up for grabs today is a new electronic ignition  for Triumph and BSA triples manufactured by Tri-Spark in the AU (Australia). Although there are other electronic ignition systems for triples I feel proud to say that this new Tri-Spark ignition is hands-down the best electronic ignition you can install in your bike.

The best - here's why

Tri-Spark is the only company today producing an electronic ignition system that does not feature a large and "bulky" black box. The computer / brains are made into this single stator plate which means this ignition is easy to install and practical.

This system is the "newest" triples design that Tri-Spark offers today. Features a red LED light on the stator plate for accurate static timing. Comes with hardware so you can properly wire this unit to your Triumph or BSA triple.

Also, this unit fire each spark plug independently. This is NOT a wasted spark system. With this unit you will get a better idle, throttle response and overall performance - again, this is only a feature that this Tri-Spark ignition offers.


This unit will fit all Triumph and BSA triples (A75, T150, T150V, X75 and the T160) from 1969-1975.

Coils - Additional info

Since this unit fires each coil independently you must use (X3) 12V Lucas or Lucas equivalent coils with this system. If you do not have Lucas 12V coils you can can purchase them by clicking on this link: CLICK HERE FOR LUCAS COILS