BSA Unit Twins Spitfire SRM Camshaft 68-0473 68-473 A50 A65 1966-72 500 650

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Genuine English Made SRM BSA 650 A65 Camshaft. As we all know SRM in England makes superior quality parts for your old British motorcycle. This SRM camshaft is designed to replace your original BSA A50 & A65 camshaft. Quality exceeds the original BSA camshafts. Stock is very limited!  Camshaft features the stock cam profile. Fits BSA A65 Unit Twins (Lightning, Thunderbolt, Spitfire, Hornet, Rocket & Firebird) from 1966-1972. Fits BSA A50 500 Wasp for the year of 1966 & 1967. Please refer to your parts catalog & part number for proper fitment.
*****Please note that the term "spitfire" is only used by SRM. This cam is stock (68-0473) for A65 models from 1966-1972.*****
-5 degrees retarded grind
-All measured at 0.020
Lift 0.344
lca 105 degrees
Lash 0.006
Tappets stock radius
Duration 281 degrees
Open 36 btdc
Close 65 abdc
Lift 0.337
lca 105
Lash 0.008
Stock radius tappets
Duration 277
Open 62 bbdc
Close 35 atdc
•Made in England by SRM
•O.E.M Part number is 68-0473 or 68-473