BSA A50 / A65 Valve Spring Set 1962-72 - Premium Quality

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New "Premium" Quality BSA Unit Twins Complete Inner & Outer Valve Spring Set. The BSA "UK made" valve springs being sold here on the internet are not of quality and should not be used in your motor. The "UK made" valve springs specifically for the BSA unit twins can cause coil bind, which will ruin your engine. In fact, the "UK made" valve springs seat pressure is to weak which can cause valve float.... With that being said, we now carry this "premium" quality valve spring set which is made in Germany. Works will all BSA Unit Twins including the following models: Royal Star, Lightning, Firebird, Spitfire, Spitfire, Etc from 1962-1972. We have found that you may have to slightly file the bottom of the springs to fit the original cups. Some applications we had to do so and some others not, don't worry, it will not effect the integrity of the springs. Also read the full blog on these new BSA valve springs. Please set the valve springs to the following specifications below.    

*****Please read the full specifications below to ensure that you have the correct set-up.*****


   Valve spring installed height: 1.300"

Valve seat pressure (closed): @ approx 70lbs

Outer valve spring free length: 1.655"

Inner valve spring free length: 1.515"

Outer valve spring diameter: 1.268"

Inner valve spring diameter: 0.916"

Collapsed length: .740"

•Made in Germany
•Will replace O.E.M. Part numbers 68-0805, 71-1177, 68-0930, 68-0806, 71-2222, 68-0475, etc