BSA Crankshaft Main Roller Bearing NOS 68-0625 Drive Side SKF MRJA 1 1/8 UK Made

  • $ 89.95

SKF BSA Crankshaft Drive Side Roller Bearing. Looking for the best quality bearing to install into your BSA? Well you have found it! This bearing is "New Old Stock" and is made in England! Comes with ten heavy duty individual rollers and a steel cage! Fits BSA A50 & A65 models (Lightning, Royal Star, Firebird, Spitfire, Hornet & Thunderbolt) from 1966-1972. For the unaware this bearing has the correct "CN" or "Normal Clearance" for 1966-1972 500 & 650 models! Installing a bearing with the wrong clearance could lead to engine failure, seizure or vibration. Please refer to your parts catalog for proper fitment.
*Please note for BSA A50 & A65 models from 1962-1965 this bearing will replace the original ball type!*
•Made in the UK by SKF
•O.E.M Part number is 68-0625