BSA B44 Victor Front / Rear Chrome Fenders - Choose Fender Type

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Finding original or NOS fenders for your BSA B44 are near impossible. The last NOS front fender I found on eBay a few years back sold for over $375! Our BSA B44 front and rear fenders that we offering today are made in England and they are stunning.

The gauge steel is thick, rolled edges and chrome finish is identical to the originals. This is BSA quality hands down. Fenders do not come drilled but can be drilled (by you) causing no issues to the chrome or finish. Both fenders have the correct contour, shape and width for BSA unit singles. These are not cheap fenders!

  Fenders are correct for BSA B44 441 models (front and rear) from 1966-1970. Although correct for the models above the rear fender can be fitted to all BSA unit singles from approx 1963-1970 and on that use the C15C frame or large frame which include the B40, C15 Scrambles, C25, B25, TR25W, etc. Please refer to your parts catalog to ensure the best fitment.


Use the drop down menu to select which BSA B44 fender you desire - fenders are sold individually

  • Made in England
  • OEM part number is 41-6533, 82-8366 82-8367 82-9989 40-6815 40-6816 82-9988 and 40-6815
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