Amal Monobloc Carb 389 & 689 Throttle "D" Needle 389/063 Triumph BSA Norton

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Top Quality Amal Type 389 / 689 Monobloc "D" Throttle Valve Needle. This Throttle Valve Needle is Correct for Amal 389 & 689 Carburetor Series only! Comes with 5 Circlip Grooves as O.E.M.! Fits all Amal Monobloc Carbs (389 & 689 Series only) as fitted to Triumph, BSA, Norton and other British Motorcycles from the 1950's through the 1960's! Please refer to your parts book for proper fitment.
*****Please note that this Needle is not compatible with the Smaller Amal 375 & 376 Carbs!*****
•Made in Taiwan
•O.E.M Part number is 389/063