Triumph TR7 750 Cylinder Head (1) 1973 - On

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When it comes down to Triumph cylinder heads, the Triumph TR7 cylinder head is one of the hardest to find... in decent shape that is! Today we are offering you a brand new Triumph TR7 cylinder head. Manufactured in England by L.F. Harris. 


This Triumph TR7 cylinder head is manufactured from the original castings and comes supplied with valve guides and valve seats. Exhaust ports are threaded to accept spigots. With this head that means you do not have to settle with a head off eBay that needs work...


This Triumph TR7 cylinder head is as good as you can get. Better than any NOS head... The new Triumph TR7 cylinder head is exactly what you need, why spend money on repairs, broken fins, damaged, seats or worn out valve guides?


TR7 cylinder head will fit all Triumph 750 TR7 models from 1973 and on... If you have a Triumph T140 and prefer a single carb, this cylinder head will replace a Triumph T140 head. Check your parts book to ensure the best fitment.


Please note that this Triumph TR7 cylinder head does not come  with valves, retainers, or springs - sold as pictured

  • Made in England by L.F. Harris
  • OEM part number is 71-7505, E17505, 71-4020, E14020, 71-3558, E13558 & E17505
  • Seat & Guides installed
  • Free shipping in the USA