5/16" ID Clear Fuel Line Gas Hose 5' Thick Wall BSA Honda Yamaha Triumph CBS-73014

  • $ 16.95

*Back In Stock!* Clear Transparent 5/16" I.D Thick Motorcycle Fuel Gas Line. You will get a five foot section of clear fuel line as pictured! Why pay ten times more for fuel line at a local bike shop when you can have it here for half the price? That's what we thought! Top quality fuel line that is ready to be installed! Outer diameter measures 1/2" and the inner diameter measures 5/16" which is great for applications that require a thick and durable fuel line! Great for Motorcycles, Lawn equipment, go karts or any application! Will stand up against most modern gas and prevent hardening or cracking of the hose!

*****Please note that this fuel line can also be used on more applications that are not listed abouve!*****

•5/16" x 1/2"