1971-1972 Triumph 650 Complete Seats - Choose Variation

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For sale is a 1971-1972 Triumph 650 oil in frame complete seat. For 1971-1972 Triumph 650's had about 5-6 different seats that where used. Although it may seem confusing we want to be as clear as possible.

US models used a narrow seat and UK models used a wider seat to contour the gas tank. Using the drop down menu provided you can select which seat you desire. 1971-1972 seats are interchangeable BUT you have to find out if your seat had a US narrow seat or a UK wide seat or if your frame has a latch or a plunger.

These seats are sold each and are made in England by P&P. Quality is O.E.M. All seats have the "basketweave" seat pattern on the top. Check your frame, model and year to ensure that this seat will fit your application.


Although seats are complete, seats do not come with any hardware - hardware must be purchased seperratly.

  • Made in England
  • Suited for 1971-1972 Triumph 650 twins