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Want to learn how to work on your vintage British motorcycle? Enjoy watching videos and learning about how to use and install new parts? If you said yes to all those questions then you have come to the right place. Here at Classic British Spares we want to bring a "modern touch" to vintage British motorcycles and we can do so by bringing you informational videos. You can find all of our YouTube videos here on this page rather than going to YouTube directly. If you have something in mind that we should touch on through a video, please let us know!


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This is our YouTube channel introduction video. "Your one stop shop for vintage Triumph, BSA, and Norton motorcycle parts.



 Starting A1969 BSA A65 Lightning



 My 1969 BSA A65 Lightning 650 is one of the best motorcycles that I have ever owned. It usually starts on the first kick.... but sometimes it takes a second swing through. The 1969 A65 is one of the best years made. Want to get your BSA to idle like mine? Install a new genuine Amal Premier concentric carburetor. (They will solve your problems!)



Need Vintage Triumph Or BSA Parts?



Need vintage Triumph motorcycle parts? How about BSA or Norton parts? Classic British spares has you covered for all of your vintage motorcycle parts needs. Our goal is to get you and your British motorcycle back on the road!


 Premier Vintage Triumph & BSA Parts Source



Take a peak into the Classic British Spares workshop garage. We are located in Lancaster, California.Motorcycle is a restored 1969 BSA A65 Lightning.


How Tickle An Amal Carb



One of the most iconic features on an Amal carburetor is the "tickler". The "tickler" is another term for a primer which aids start-up. Works exactly the same way on the Amal Pre-Monobloc, Amal Monobloc, and the Amal Concentric carburetor.


 1968Triumph TR6R Idling


 An all original 1968 Triumph TR6R Trophy Sport running again after sitting for many years. This Triumph 650 is about 95% original and it runs like a champ!


Free Shipping On Orders Over $75



If you live the United States (and US territory's), your order may be eligible for Free Shipping if the order value meets or exceeds $75USD. Watch this video on how easy it is to obtain Free Shipping on your next order.

Pacto Helmets Authorized U.S. Dealer



Classic British Spares is now an official authorized dealer for Pacto Helmets. Pacto Helmets are 100% handmade in Costa Rica. Designed and styled after vintage British motorcycle helmets which include Kangol, Stadium, and Everoak. 


Vintage Triumph Parts #1 Source


STOP paying to much money for vintage Triumph parts and BSA parts. Classic British Spares offers the best quality parts, prices, and best quality customer service. We like quality, can't you tell?