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Classic British Spares Recommended Links


Below you will find all the links that Classic British Spares recommends to our customers and enthusiasts alike. From British motorcycle history, vintage helmets, accessories, and motorcycle parts. You will find that all sites listed below are dedicated to preserving and keeping vintage British motorcycles alive!



BSA Unit Twins


BSA A65 650 Lightning


"Preserving the vintage BSA A50 and the BSA A65 motorcycle"


BSA Unit Twins is dedicated in preserving the vintage BSA unit twin motorcycle. There website offers valuable information to keep your BSA A50 and BSA A65 on the road. Check there site out.




Pacto-Helmets Banner


"Leading the path to the rebirth of the retro motorcycle culture"


Pacto is the only company in the world reproducing vintage British motorcycle helmets and automobile racing helmets. All helmets are 100% handmade in Costa Rica. Pacto is recreating helmets that where originally made by Stadium, Everoak, and Kangol back in the 1950's through the 1970's. A true price of history. 




Classic-British-Motorcycles website banner


If you own a British Triumph, BSA, Norton, AJS, Matchless, Vincent (you get the point) check out There site is dedicated to history, blogs and photos of any and all classic British motorcycles. For those performing restorations and looking for detailed info and photos, this site is a must. website banner

"Britbike online forum is #1 since 1996"

I firmly believe that every vintage British motorcycle owner should at least sign-up on Britbike. is an online forum that is dedicated to providing you all the information you need for your vintage British motorcycle. That includes brands from Triumph, BSA, Norton, Vincent and others... There are over 9,000+ registered members apart of the forum. You can also find us on Britbike as well, I.D. "C.B.S". Hope to see you guys there! website banner


"Designed to assist Buyers, Owners and Restorers in confirming the Specification for the Triumph 350cc and 500cc Machines" is dedicated to providing owners of Triumph 350 & 500 Unit Twins produced from 1957-1968 quality information and complete history. This is the only website that gets into great depths on specific motorcycles through the model year range. Bookmark this website.

Canyon Motorcycles

Canyon Motorcycles TT Wheels Banner

Canyon Motorcycles specializing in custom motorcycle parts and accessories for modern Triumph's which include the Triumph Thruxton, Triumph T100, Triumph Bonneville, etc. They also produce and design state of the art wheels, better known as "Canyon Motorcycles TT Wheels". Check out there site and transform the look of your modern Triumph Twin!


Old School Scrambles Racing

Old School Scrambles Racing Website

"at its back in the day!"


Podtronics Power Module

Podtronics Power Module Banner



Podtronics is the ideal and economical replacement for your original Lucas zener diode and Lucas rectifier. Podtronics power modules features an all-in-one compact and reliable design to replace Lucas 2-wire and 3-wire Lucas stators. Visit for more information.


Brit Iron Rebels

Brit Iron Rebels Banner

"Supporters Of Classic Brit Iron"


The Brit Iron Rebels, a global community of members and enthusiast who wrench, ride, and enjoy Brit iron, and celebrate the 50's and 60's Rocker & Hooligan lifestyle that originated in England. Brit Iron Rebels is worldwide, you can join Brit Iron Rebels by visiting the official Brit Iron Rebels website. Show your support!

Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph Motorcycle Logo Image

"Triumph motorcycles, since 1902"


New Triumph motorcycles offer a mix of both modern sport and modern classic motorcycles. Although Triumph is making "modern" motorcycles, they have not forgotten about there true heritage. Triumph motorcycle history can be found in there new motorcycle line-up by there unique styling, details, and models. Visit the official Triumph motorcycles website today for more information regarding there company and new motorcycles.  


American Motorcyclist Association


AMA Motorcycle Image