Perfectly Imperfect (Words From CBS)

Perfectly Imperfect


When CBS went live online back in 2013 there where many questions and concerns that we took into consideration that we thought some customers would have.

Questions such as, where are you located? How do I pay for a part? or how much is shipping?

The questions above are basic everyday questions that are answered in our FAQs page to save you the time from calling and / or sending us an email.

Although we anticipated those types of questions, however we didn’t anticipate emails scrutinizing our choice of grammar..

Yes, I said it, we get emails from time to time stating how we didn’t use the right “your” or we forget to “add an apostrophe” to our blog posts, listings or newsletters.

Some folks (very few) will go out there way to let us know.


A few words

Today I have a few words that I’d like to discuss with those that are eager to inform us about a grammatical errors instead of focusing on the substance of a page, or an article.

Owners Kyle and Malcolm work long hours to offer you quality parts and information for these old British bikes. Both are not scholars nor did they graduate from Harvard with a Master's degree. However, both understand that basic grammar and punctuation is key and vital especially when owning and operating a professional company.

We strive to make sure that all grammar and words are spelt correctly. If we happen to misspell a word or selected a word that you do not feel keen about just understand that it's going to be okay.

If searching through our site and you do see a grammatical error please don't be surprised..

Everyone makes mistakes..

I’m not stating that having grammatical errors is a good thing or something to brag about, Its not. I’m merely giving you a fair "heads up" that we do make mistakes quite often and we shall not be chastised when we do so.

Everyone assumes that when you are in business you can't make mistakes!

Although we make mistakes we also fix them along the way.

If your eager to let us know that we spelt something wrong please don’t waste your time by sending us an email.

We are very aware of minor mistakes on pages with major information.

Last time I heard, everyone makes mistakes... where human!


Thanks for understanding

All in all, the CBS team is just like you.. no better, no less.

We are perfectly imperfect with a deep passion in offering you quality parts and quality service.

Don’t let our minor “grammatical” errors and opinions define who we are and what we stand for.

Mistakes happens, that includes forgetting to put an “e” on “your” when discussing a second person..

Thanks for understanding