Wassell Evolution Carburetor Set 30MM 9/30L & 9/30R

  • $ 299.95

New Wassell Evolution 30MM Carburetor Set. This set is identical to the Amal "Premier" carburetor range but half the price - made by Wassell. Set includes a left and right hand version for twin carburetor models. The Wassell Evolution carburetor comes with a hard anodized slide, removable pilot jet, extended ticker, and much more. Toss your old Amal Concentric carburetor and replace it with a new Wassell Evolution carburetor today. Replaces the Amal Concentric carburetor as found on many BSA Lightning's, Triumph 650 Bonneville's, Triumph 750 Bonneville's, and others.    

*****Please note that this set is not suited for Norton 750 or 850 twins.*****
17 Pilot
Choke installed
#3 Cutaway Slide
#200 Main jet insalled
#106 needle jet installed
Float bowl has drain-plug
•Imported from England
•O.E.M Part number is 9/30L & 9/30R